Peter Singer

I am a professor of bioethics, with a background in philosophy. I work mostly in practical ethics, and am best known for Animal Liberation and for my writings about global poverty.

photo courtesy of Leif Tuxen

Recently Published


Marx: A Very Short Introduction, 3rd edition, revised, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2018,


Ethics in the Real World, Russian translation, Sinbad, Moscow, 2018

The Most Good You Can Do, French translation, L'altruisme efficaceLes Arènes, Paris, 2018,

The Life You Can SaveRussian translation, Need Help Foundation, Moscow, 2018,

Animal Liberation, Chinese translation, Hu 'an Publication, Beijing, 2018,

A Darwinian Left, German translation, Linke, hört die Signale! Reclam, 2018.

Utilitarianism: A Very Short Introduction. Japanese translation, Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo, 2018 (co-author with Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek)


Too much gratitude?Project Syndicate, January 2019

“The challenge of brain death for the sanctity of life ethic,” Ethics and Bioethics, vol.8 (December 2018) pp, 153-165.

"The Lethal Consequences of Misclassifying Dolphins,Project Syndicate December 2018.

"Animal Welfare: A Buddhist-Utilitarian Dialogue" The Harvard Review of Philosophy, XXV, 2018, pp. 169-181 (with Shih Chaohwei).

“Activism” in Lori Gruen (ed) Critical Terms for Animal Studies, University of Chicago Press, 2018, pp.33-46 (co-authored with Jeff Sebo)




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